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What’s in Your Wellness Bucket?


Wellness and wellbeing have been the main talking points since the pandemic entered our lives. In fact, Wellness activities were the most searched words on the internet in 2022. These searched words included nutrition, fitness, travel, mindfulness, hobby crafting, outdoor activities, and sleep.

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Many of us have suddenly picked up or rediscovered the joys of a certain Wellness activity that we now associate with self-care and wellbeing. We are slowing down to be present to smell the roses and be more aware and appreciative of our surroundings and the relationships we keep.

The Wellness Bucket Analogy

Wellness activities contribute to elevating our wellbeing. If we see our lives as a bucket, then the water level in the bucket is our state of wellbeing. The Wellness activities we engage in would be the cups of water that continue to fill our bucket. And the stress that we experience on a daily basis from different domains of our life represent the holes in the bucket, which will drain us of our wellbeing. How we cope with the leaks in the bucket would be dependent on the number of holes (ie. stressors) we have in life, and also what we do on a regular basis to keep our wellbeing topped up.

Stress is inevitable. It is how we cope by continuing to consciously identify what will fill our wellness bucket, that keeps us optimised and resilient all through the uncertain future.

Wellbeing Pillars

Here are the different wellbeing pillars that your Wellness activities will need to address (in no order of importance).

1. Mental Wellbeing

2. Physical Wellbeing

3. Financial Wellbeing

4. Social Wellbeing

5. Emotional Wellbeing

6. Spiritual Wellbeing

7. Intellectual Wellbeing

8. Career Wellbeing

9. Environmental Wellbeing

Each individual will have their unique Wellness bucket catering to their own wellbeing pillars. Do you know yours?

How Does It Work?

Have you given thought as to why a certain Wellness activity appeals to you more than another? And what is you were able to recreate and add certain Wellness activities to be happening with a more regular frequency? That would greatly increase your wellbeing level in your bucket.

Parting Words

If you’d like to explore more, Actxa Wellness has a corporate workshop for anyone looking to understand your own bucket of Wellness activities that resonate uniquely with you, and to plan and put into action a routine using our framework as a guide. This will then serves as a reminder to what is important to you and for you to keep within your self-determined boundaries.

It is also an excellent session for HR professionals to acquire the knowledge and to equip themselves to do the same for their organisation and employees!

About the Writer:

Alex Loh is a consultant and coach in the fitness, health and wellness space, business owner, podcast host, loving husband and doting father. His compass is guided by the desire to help people, where his focus is to help businesses and organisations harness fitness, health and wellness as the vehicle to build sustainable solutions. This led him to Co-found Actxa Wellness, where he leads as CEO.

Connect more with Alex Loh here ➡️


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