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Actxa Wellness Programme

We know that some organisations do not need an ongoing wellness programme like the JWW. So we're giving you the flexibility to engage Actxa Wellness for one-off webinars or in-person sessions. Our thought leadership is on Fitness, Health and Wellness, as well as topics specific to Mindset, Resilience, Employee Engagement and Mental Toughness.

Single Session Talks

Single-Session Workshops

What is AWP

Understand Your Wellness Bucket

Wellness and wellbeing have been the main talking points since the pandemic. We have all picked up or rediscovered the joys of a certain Wellness activity that we now associate with self-care and wellbeing. But are those few Wellness activities sufficient to keep us optimised and resilient all through the uncertain future? Do we know why a certain Wellness activity appeals to us more than another? Are we able to recreate and add certain Wellness activities to be happening with a more regular frequency?


This workshop is for anyone looking to understand your bucket of Wellness activities that resonate uniquely with you, and to plan and put into action a routine using our framework as a guide. This serves as a reminder to what is important to you and to keep within your self-determined boundaries.

Uncovering Your Growth Mindset

Self imposed limiting ideas of what we never could be and how we can never achieve is what we call a Fixed Mindset. Understanding ourselves and our past experiences allow us to uncover our Growth Mindset. 


This introduction will help you gain the self-awareness to uncover and understand the Growth Mindset to apply to all areas of your life. Strategies will also be explored for us to practice and live out more areas in our Growth Mindset.

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Leaders P.A.C.E

Leaders play a crucial role in the organization by effectively communicating the organization's missions, values, goals, and priorities to their teams and translating them into actionable plans. In today's dynamic business environment, effective leadership also involves possessing self-awareness, authenticity, empathy, and the ability to manage emotions in response to ever-changing organizational situations.

This workshop utilizes Social Emotional Learning to equip leaders with strategies for developing social competencies that are necessary to achieve complex goals. The workshop focuses on enhancing leaders' abilities to navigate and succeed in challenging organizational contexts.

Single-Session Talks


This 1.5 day training programme aims to build a more positive workplace community and help employee lead happier and more fulfilling lives through building awareness in key wellbeing aspects like mindset, passion and purpose. 

Participants can also better understand, evaluate, and improve their own wellbeing, resilience and overall quality of life; while at the same time build stronger relationships and camaraderie.

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