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Better Living Made Simple — Understanding the 3 Hs of Actxa Wellness

Have you ever wondered why some people are able to keep active and be engaged in a particular lifestyle that is more wholesome than others?

Do you sometimes feel that you could do with a little help in staying on track with something you committed yourself to complete?

The truth of the matter is that everyone is different. As individuals, we have different needs; we have different challenges and needs, and we have unique lifestyles and commitments to attend to.

Better Living Made Simple is understanding that we do not need to exercise 24/7 to stay in good shape; we do not need to starve or deprive ourselves to achieve our desired weight or shape, and we do not need to meditate for 1 hour a day for stress relieve.

Better Living is attaining health-related quality of life, and this is made simple by focusing on the outcomes of Health, Habit Forming, and Happiness – the 3 Hs of Actxa Wellness.

We understand:

  1. Health as being able to have the longevity to maintain the ideal quality of life, free of pain and illnesses, all through the later years of our lives.

  2. Habit Forming as the solution allowing for consistency and a sustained positive lifestyle that will continue to stay despite a change of environment or life stage.

  3. Happiness as a state of being that transcends momentary feelings of joy. It is an overall state of wellbeing achieved through mindset, thoughts, behaviors and actions. These all are the ingredients towards leading a fulfilled and purposeful life.

When the 3Hs of Actxa Wellness are in focus, you will be able to experience longevity, sustainability, and elevated wellbeing.

This is the answer to the two questions we asked at the beginning of the article.

By focusing on the pillars of EAT, REST and EXERCISE, we break down important information to the layperson, through relatable webinar content and gamification with individual and group challenges.


  1. EAT - Having regular meals, staying away from refined sugar, and preparing your own nutritious meals three days a week.

  2. REST – Observing regular sleep and wake times, working in an environment outdoors and with lots of greens, and writing an end-of-week journal to acknowledge the wins of the week.

  3. EXERCISE – Having good movement in the morning sun before work thrice weekly, having a good variety of cardio + strength + stretch for weekly workouts, and choosing to talk the stairs instead of the escalator or lift.

In the course of the last 18 months, we have had hundreds of participants who have experienced the Actxa Wellness Programme.

95% of participants had an increase in health awareness towards nutrition, sleep, and physical activity.

50% of participants picked up new healthy habits.

70% of participants cited that they experienced greater happiness.

The data is telling and shows that Better Living can be Made Simple through the Actxa Wellness Programme.

If this resonates with you, do get in touch to see what we can do for you or your organization.

About Actxa Wellness

Actxa Wellness’ mission is to bring about sustainable lifestyle solutions through fitness, health, and wellness. Our flagship programme is the Actxa Wellness Programme which provides employee wellness solutions to team build and create culture; elevate engagement and happiness, and improve overall mental wellbeing.

From providing hardware to track personalised physiological data, to leveraging a proprietary algorithm called the Healthy Living Score (HLS), to incorporating a tried-and-tested curriculum that includes workshops and challenges to engage and build sustainable positive lifestyle habits revolving around EAT, REST, and EXERCISE, we have got our clients well covered.

About Alex Loh

Alex Loh is a consultant and coach in the fitness, health, and wellness space, business owner, podcast host, loving husband, and doting father. His compass is guided by the desire to help people. His focus is to help businesses and organisations harness fitness, health, and wellness as the vehicle to build sustainable solutions. These sustainable solutions translate into elevated happiness and fulfilment for the individual and organisation.

As an everyday athlete active in various sports and fitness activities, he is a firm believer in wellness being the cornerstone of life. As a Wellbeing Champion, he is constantly exploring new ideas, activities and modalities on we can achieve greater general wellbeing. We only have one life, so we must live responsibly and be able to enjoy it.


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